Adding a comment on walls
We added a green arrow head (button) that makes it easier for mobile users to post replies in a thread.
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 2
Removed coupon redemption from the step 2 in the onboarding process to Profile > Billing
Paid Group and Strip
Beta 0.04.1
  • Added Stripe API
  • Added billing in Profile
  • Added users plan with up and down grade feature
  • Changed signup structure
  • Plans structure
  • Removed organisation by domain
Group User Permissions
User Permissions
We have added an additional user level to Groups
Now in a group you have two levels of user
  • Lite Member
  • Member
When adding a user to a group, they are automatically added as Lite-Members.
Lite-Members have can use the wall for communication including adding and replying to posts and creating posts in the Group
Upgrade Lite-Member to Member in a group
  1. Click the + symbol on the right of the group
  2. Click 'User Management'
  3. Click the 'Action' button associated with the user
  4. Click 'Make Member'
Members can interact with applications and create/edit/comment on records
All records will appear on the group wall
Only Members can see Applications and Records
Members access level can be changed in the Group User Management